Living Room, Pyrford

This project was focused on the Living Room where the clients wanted some help to redesign their space to create room for the clients to relax in the evenings which also considers the needs of their son and the dog. 

The brief was to create more comfortable and cosy feel to this room with the use of colour, furniture choices and textures.  We decided to use a grey palette for this room with the addition of some blue and purple accent colours to bring a pop of colour into the space. 

The room is painted in Farrow and Ball ‘Gauze’ which complements the grey curtains very well.  We introduced a feature wall to bring some more interest to the space which was wallpapered in Sanderson’s ‘Rhodera’ Wallpaper. This provides a feminine touch to the room without being to overpowering and the sofa and armchairs complement the colour scheme very well with their blue and grey fabrics.  The room is dressed with similar muted table furniture using a light beached fir and soft grey metal frame.   

As you can see, the finished design comprises of a very relaxed and calm feel with light grey for the main colour scheme but keeping some interest with the soft floral wallpaper and complementary colours.  A design to sit with the times, classic but with a contemporary feel.